CS8: Social and Civic Competence


Core Skill 8

Social and Civic Competence

K= Knowledge

S= Skill

A= Attitude

EQF 3-4

EQF 5-6

These include personal, interpersonal and intercultural competence and cover all forms of behaviour that equip individuals to participate in an effective and constructive way in social and working life, and particularly in increasingly diverse societies, and to resolve conflict where necessary. Civic competence equips individuals to fully participate in civic life, based on knowledge of social and political concepts and structures and a commitment to active and democratic participation.

1 Understanding of how individuals can ensure optimum physical and mental health (K)

Play the Health Month game to improve your health and have some fun at the same time.

Watch the Explania Health Channel for tips on healthy living and create a similar video using Wideo.

2 Knowledge of contemporary events, as well as the main events and trends in national, European and world history (K)

Create a timeline with Dipity to gain insight in the events that shaped national, European and world history.

Use the Newsy approach (one topic, different sources) to create an online newspaper about current events with Paper.li.

3 Knowledge of social and political concepts (K)

Play NationStates and see what kind of country your decisions lead to.

Use Glogster to create digital posters about political and social concepts.

4 Cooperating as a team (S)

Use Dropbox to easily share all your team documents.

Work together on Google Drive to manage all documents and communication.

5 Conflict treatment and resolution (S)

Use Narrable to describe a potentially inflammable situation and your steps to defuse the conflict.

Play the PeaceMaker Game & solve the conflict in the Middle East.

6 Participating in social and working life in an effective and constructive way (S)

Play Poverty is not a Game, a simulation of what happens when you have to fend for yourself.

Play Spent, an interactive game that shows you what it means to live on a very tight budget.

7 Awareness of ethical values (A)

Think of the environment and use Print Friendly whenever you want to print from the web.

Play Quandary and help the planet Braxos when they face difficult ethical decisions.

8 A willingness to participate in democratic decision-making at all levels (A)

Use Student Response System Socrative to give students a taste of democratic decicion-making.

Make a change in your community: play the Activate Game from the iCivics website.