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Useful STEM links and resources

There are loads of teaching resources already out there so before you re-invent the wheel check out these sites for ideas and resources, and please give back to the community by sharing your own experiences, tips, ideas and resources. has loads of fun ideas for using in the classroom. is a great source for shared  Full Article…



A lesson plan from Germany where students use web2.0 tools to debate the uses of Nanotechnology. Description: The pupils should decide in groups on the funding of five projects which cover different areas of research. Only three projects can get the funding. How to do it: students are confronted with the complex topic They are  Full Article…


Science Comics

We all know how much children like doing hands-on science and finding out for themselves how things work. Sadly, we also know that writing up their experiments according to very rigid criteria is guaranteed to dampen their natural curiosity and turn science into a chore. Nic has come up with a novel way of recording  Full Article…


Science Songs

A classroom favourite is getting your students to write a song, poem or mnemonic to help them to remember a sequence. This could be the colours of the rainbow (Richard Of York Gave Battle In Vain), or the planets of the solar system My Very Easy Method Just Speeds Up Naming Planets Or the electromagnetic  Full Article…


Cartoon science

Nic Daniels using cartoons to make science fun…. Children love making cartoons and on the whole hate writing up science experiments so recording science experiments as a comic strip can be the way forward. We used Comic Life to create the ones above. It comes bundled with the Mac but entry level is free for Windows and that  Full Article…