CS7: Cultural Awareness and expression


Core Skill 7

Cultural Awareness and expression

K= Knowledge

S= Skill

A= Attitude

EQF 3-4

EQF 5-6

Appreciation of the importance of the creative expression of ideas, experiences and emotions in a range of media, including music, performing arts, literature, and the visual arts.

1 Awareness and understanding of your own cultural heritage (K)

Explore where you live and contribute a photo to the Historypin community.

Create a Story map of an interesting place in your country. Add text, photo’s and video.

2 Understanding the cultural and linguistic diversity in Europe and the world (K)

Create a tag cloud with Wordle with the same word in at least 20 different languages.

Upload a video from the Unesco World Heritage YouTube channel to Voicethread and use it to discuss cultural diversity.

3 Understanding the importance of aesthetic factors in daily life (K)

Create a Pinterest board with images of beautiful/suprising details in your neighbourhood.

Upload an image (picture, map, corner…) of your city in Thinglink and add aesthetic ideas for improving the environment.

4 Basic knowledge of major cultural works, including popular contemporary culture (K)

Explore Van Gogh’s masterpieces on Android tablet or iPad with Touch Van Gogh.

Take an image of a cultural work you admire and bring it to live with the augmented reality platform Aurasma.

5 Consuming and appreciating cultural products (S)

Create your own gallery in the Google Arts project.

Create a Prezi presentation about your favorite cultural work.

6 Sharing and discussing opinions on cultural expression with others (S)

Find an outspoken art review on the internet and put it on the discourse platform to get a discussion going.

Write your own review on Tackk, share it and invite feedback from others.

7 Being able to express oneself through a variety of creative media (S)

Create beautiful picture books with Storybird.

Design flyers, posters, presentations, invitations and lots more with Canva.

8 Appreciating and respecting cultural, linguistic, ethnic, religious diversity (A)

Which videos are trending in different countries and try to find out why: What We Watch

Use Movenote to explain how a religious work of art illustrates theological concepts of that religion.