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And… Action!

Overview In this activity students employ their creativity and existing skills in order to create 3D artworks in the form of a stop-motion animated film. Students will learn how they can create a video that appears to make things come to life by physically manipulating inanimate objects. Description Organize the students into small group but  Full Article…



Overview A storyboard is often used in the graphic planning of a film as it helps us visualise the intended motion picture through sequences of illustrations or images. In this process of visualising and planning, students develop the skills involved in selecting and sequencing as they prepare the film they want to make. Description Students  Full Article…


Is there a Cartoon Artist in You?

Overview This activity allows students to develop imaginative and creative skills based on the comprehension of a previously read story. The aim is to produce an original cartoon based on a literary text and to begin to understand the features of an animated narrative. By using Chogger, an online comic strip creator, students explore the  Full Article…


Paint it!

Overview In this activity, students express themselves by using colours and graphic patterns to paint images based on the story they’ve read. They could even work with drawings they’ve created previously. By using Sumo Paint, a free image editor with an easy-to-use online interface, students will perfect the visual description of characters and settings from  Full Article…