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CannonBasket: How to learn maths with a bowl’s cannon

Gain Attention:  With this activity you will be able to create a bowl’s cannon and this tool allows you to deep into angles world and collaborate with others students and schools to share your project. To complete this activity you will have to: Work in a group of four students. Learn to measure and calculate  Full Article…


Feed your mind

15-18 yrs Overview Learners use Wikipedia to research nutritional value, quality, composition, storage, etc of foods that are usually present in a healthy, balanced diet by relating the demand for calories according to physical and mental exhersion in humans. The students will use the internet to investigate the relationship between BMI, health and diet. You  Full Article…


On-line Maths Glossary

Overview In order to encourage learners to use maths terms in class, creating a glossary on a wiki can be very helpful. By merely researching terms and definitions they will have to use the terminology! Discussing the quality and appropriateness of glosses will also improve their understanding and use of terminology in general. Description You  Full Article…