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Maths: angles and Keynote

I was looking for a useful subject to introduce the iPads in our Maths lesson. So I chose “angles”. The pupils got a worksheet for each team of 3 to 4 pupils. I got pupils together in teams that would not have chosen each other! I knew that the iPads would be motivating enough to  Full Article…


Puppet Pals2, recording English scenes on iPads

I´ve used this App on iPads to motivate my students in writing scenes and recording them without being seen. Furthermore it is very motivating as a video with different puppets, backgrounds and vehicles is possible. We had a lot of fun taping and watching. And I`m sure, that the pupils will realize how their language  Full Article…


Learning Gangnam Style in Ysgol Gyfun Gartholwg

I’ve been meaning to share this video for ages, I think it’s brilliant and it showcases what kids can do.  The video is in Welsh (because it’s a Welsh medium school) and the title ‘Atalnodi’ means punctuation.  It stresses the importance of good punctuation and gives some of the basic rules, including some peculiarly Welsh  Full Article…


Give students a voice with Flipgrid

Flipgrid is an interesting application for asynchronous communication. It was developed by the LT Media Lab at the University of Minnesota. Flipgrid allows a teacher (or account holder) to post a short written question and students can answer that question with a video message that is limited to 90 seconds. All the video responses end  Full Article…


Video sharing (You Tube)

LEARNING OBJECTIVES By the end of this chapter you should be able to Say what YouTube is Browse, create play lists, upload and embed YouTube videos Describe situations in which YouTube may be useful/appropriate List the advantages and disadvantages of YouTube for teaching and learning Find, collect and share useful resources for your course WHAT  Full Article…