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How much water does the ocean contain?

Let the students search on Google Maps to discover if the Earth contains more ocean than land. Explore the water cycle. Ask some questions like ‘Where do you think rain comes from?’, ‘Does it rain every where?’ After students have shared their ideas, they try to find some explanations. In Glogster they will make a  Full Article…


Let’s go into the city

Lesson plan from Italy on Transport… During the morning students will have to carry out the following activities and/or purchases: A newspaper (news stand), A piece of pizza/snack (pizzeria), Exercise book (stationery store), A pair of socks (underwear), A map of the city (tourist office), Leaflet for trip (travel agency), Train schedule for trip (train  Full Article…


Virtual field trips

Google Street View is great for snooping around places you’ve never been to but did you know that you can sail down the Amazon, explore the Great Barrier Reef, look inside the Iwame Silver Mine, see Scott’s hut in Antarctica or wander around Stone Henge?   Other exciting images are this shipwreck off the coast of  Full Article…


Make a map

Google maps allows you to pin notes, links and comments to places so instead of writing a worksheet you could create a work map. You’ll need a Google account before you can get started, you can sign up here. On the Google maps site click on “My Maps” and then “Create Map” you can then  Full Article…