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What is a Weblog or Blog?

LEARNING OBJECTIVES By the end of this chapter you should be able to: Say what a weblog is. Explain what kind of weblogs, sections and styles could be used. Illustrate advantages and disadvantages of using a single-author weblog and a multi-authors weblog. Analyse the main situations in which different kind of weblogs should be used  Full Article…


Investigating and acting on local environmental problems

Age: 12-15 years In this lesson, centered on environment and sustainability, students must identify, discuss and act on environmental issues that exist in the school area or in the places where they live. The seriousness of the environmental issues affecting our society needs citizens that are well informed and empowered to take appropriate actions about  Full Article…


Lead Balloon

Ease **** Overview Learners will further develop their understanding of gravity by comparing weight measurements here on Earth with those on other worlds in our solar system. Learners will be asked to publish a report on their findings. Description Review what learners already know about gravity. You may wish to have them investigate Newton’s biography  Full Article…


Great e-learning teacher blog!

Have just come across an amazing website for teachers In fact, it’s not one website but a whole series of blogs by Jaqui Sharp, who is heavily involved in Taccle-type stuff in New Zealand. Have just written to her to see if we can link up. They are very content-rich, bursting with ideas and written  Full Article…


Ready Steady, Cook!

Age: 4-6yrs Ease **** Overview One of the things that characterizes the place where we live are local recipes and dishes. In this activity, students develop their own traditional recipes based on family tradition and home cooking. Their recipes are uploaded onto a classroom blog. Description: The first step in this activity is to research  Full Article…


Mini Musicians

Age: 7-10yrs Ease ***** Overview In this activity students will build their own musical instruments from waste materials and transmit their knowledge and understanding through sharing video tutorials and their own blog on the Internet. Description In this activity learners are encouraged to work both artistically and technologically by firstly creating musical instruments using waste  Full Article…