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More efficient searching using 3 x 3 Links

Dan Roberts shared the way he uses 3x3Links –  a handy online tool that allows you to set up your own shareable internet start page containing whatever websites you choose. All you need is a Google account to automatically sign in. One of the tricky things about asking students to research topics on the internet is that many  Full Article…


Newseum and Newsmap

Both Newseum and Newsmap let you display the latest news stories from across the world in an interactive visual way. Newseum gives you a world map where you can view the front pages from around 800 of that day’s newspapers (see screen shot below left). As you hover over the region the relevant newspaper front pages pop up. Newsmap  Full Article…


Tag Galaxy

Visual representations of data are nothing new, but Tag Galaxy takes it to new heights in searching Flickr photos. Enter a single keyword (I used “frog”) and you’ll see a 3D representation of a solar system with the keyword as the sun, orbited by related word “planets” (e.g., “amphibian,” “green,” and “toad”). Click a planet  Full Article…


The Human Race

Age: 12+ yrs Overview: By investigating the most current scientific material regarding human evolution, learners are asked to use their researching, predictive and reporting skills to create a simple web-based thesis on the ‘likely’ future stages of human evolution.  Description: The teacher must decide how much initial information to provide, but it’s probably a good  Full Article…


Looking at landscapes

Use Google Earth (or Google Maps if you haven’t got to grips with Google Earth!) Divide the class into groups and give each group a location. (You can use the line or path function on Google earth to do this) Give the class a series of tasks or questions. The less able group might be  Full Article…