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Help deliver food to a war torn country

Delivering humanitarian aid and supplying food to countries in crisis from war, drought, floods or famine is a complex set of logistical and political issues. The World Food Programme – who are the experts in this field –  have developed an interactive game called Food Force which gives you an insight into some these problems  Full Article…


Virtually Invisible?

Age: 10+yrs Ease ***** Overview This lesson is a basic introduction to learners on using the internet appropriately. Some of the issues and processes have been simplified to aid understanding, but the general scenarios are accurate and realistic. Learners are exposed to the possible consequences of inappropriate behaviour whilst using the internet. Description Read the  Full Article…


Ready Steady, Cook!

Age: 4-6yrs Ease **** Overview One of the things that characterizes the place where we live are local recipes and dishes. In this activity, students develop their own traditional recipes based on family tradition and home cooking. Their recipes are uploaded onto a classroom blog. Description: The first step in this activity is to research  Full Article…


Fuzzy Feelings

Age: 5+yrs Ease **** Overview This activity is fun and can be used as a little assignment at different times throughout the year. It helps pupils to feel more part of the class and develops their awareness of others’ feelings. If you’re familiar with the activity “The Little Note” this works like a modern equivalent.  Full Article…