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Behind the scenes

Age: 15 to 18 Goal: The students analyze a rather simple computer game like Pac-Man according to the concepts of object-oriented programming (class, object, instance, method etc.). What you need?: an online-version of the game (e.g. enough computers for the groups Proceedings: 1. Introduction Object-oriented programming concepts UML-diagrams 2. Pupils’ task Study the game  Full Article…


The maths of bar codes

Investigate the maths behind bar codes and QR codes. On-line quiz Create a Pinterest board or a Glog and pin or stick text, images or multimedia that answer some or all of the following questions. All the answers are easily available using a Google search or searching with Wolfram Alpha How many digits does a  Full Article…


Social Networking Statistics

Check out this beautiful visualisation by facebook with explanation here There used to be a great app called Friend Wheel which showes all of your facebook friends and draws lines to show who they are also friends with, at the time of writing the app is not working on Facebook but we’ll keep an eye  Full Article…