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Science Comics

We all know how much children like doing hands-on science and finding out for themselves how things work. Sadly, we also know that writing up their experiments according to very rigid criteria is guaranteed to dampen their natural curiosity and turn science into a chore. Nic has come up with a novel way of recording  Full Article…


Science Sketches

Age: 10-12yrs    Ease *** Overview This is an excellent resource for developing most forms of instructional writing. It is also a great way of introducing the concepts involved in following various practical instructions e.g. how to play a game, assemble furniture etc Description Having decided on a science investigation question e.g. Which soft drinks  Full Article…


Cartoon science

Nic Daniels using cartoons to make science fun…. Children love making cartoons and on the whole hate writing up science experiments so recording science experiments as a comic strip can be the way forward. We used Comic Life to create the ones above. It comes bundled with the Mac but entry level is free for Windows and that  Full Article…