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Solar Roadways

Aled, one of my teacher friends who reviewed the STEM book, pointed out that the ‘E’ bit (for Engineering) was a bit under represented on the website and in the book. (Aled trained as an engineer and now teaches Design and Technology which was why he felt aggrieved).  By way of reassurance to Aled and  Full Article…


Fly, fly away

Age: 10 to 12 Goal: Find out about the flyway of the lesser spotted eagle using Google Earth. Description: The pupils should learn about the different landscapes the eagle crosses on its way and categories them. In addition to that they should learn how to use computer technology to gather and process data. What you need:  Full Article…


How big is it? (Line and path maths)

Estimating is an essential skill in maths and science and one that is actually threatened by the continued use of calculators and digital measuring instruments. Turn the tables and use the Line and Path measurement tools on Google Earth (click on the ruler on the top bar) to estimate distances and areas. Find a regular  Full Article…


Line and Path Maths

Age: 9 -12yrs Ease **** Overview Google Earth has been around for some time but it continues to offer opportunities for great cross-curricular teaching and learning. Here, we used the the Line and Path measurement tools to find distances that are challenging to measure. For ease of writing, Google Earth is sometimes referred to as  Full Article…


Looking at landscapes

Use Google Earth (or Google Maps if you haven’t got to grips with Google Earth!) Divide the class into groups and give each group a location. (You can use the line or path function on Google earth to do this) Give the class a series of tasks or questions. The less able group might be  Full Article…