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I Love Literature

In this activity, learners use creative online applications to exhibit their understanding of a text they’ve been studying. We’ve used the software below to help learners understand a range of texts from Shakespeare to Jane Austen to Philip Pullman and many others. Why not… Ask learners to brainstorm on all the words that come  Full Article…


Wordle for Christmas

Just been reading the comment from Meinir Morris on using Wordles to make Christmas cards. She says: “Defnyddiais ‘Wordle’ fel modd i gasglu a chyflwyno ansoddeiriau i ddisgrifio noson tan gwyllt – roedd y plant wrth eu boddau yn gweld ei gwaith ar y sgrin ac yn hoffi’r ffaith bod ei gwaith yn edrych mor  Full Article…


Wordle Ways (for teaching literature)

Wordles are particularly suited to short activities such as warm-ups or as prerunners/introductions to larger discussions and tasks. They are also an eyecatching way of presenting familiar terms for revision/introduction. Here are some possibilities:     Why not start a class with some wordles made from different Shakespeare tragedies and see if they can guess  Full Article…


Wordle warm up (primary ideas)

Here are some more ideas for using Wordle in a primary school, contributed by Nic Daniels, one of the Taccle team in Wales. We love this software! It’s so simple to use and the possibilities are endless! We’ve outlined how to use it as a fun and quick lesson warm-up activity. Click ‘create’ on the  Full Article…