CS1: Communication in the mother language

Core Skill 1

Core Skill

Communication in the mother language

K= Knowledge

S= Skill

A= Attitude

EQF 3-4

EQF 5-6

Communication in the mother tongue is the ability to express and interpret concepts,thoughts, feelings, facts and opinions in both oral and written form (listening, speaking, reading and writing), and to interact linguistically in an appropriate and creative way in a full range of societal and cultural contexts; in education and training, work, home and leisure.

1 Knowledge of functional grammar (K)

Check your grammar with GrammarBase.

Work on your Grammar (Basic, Intermediate or Advanced) with the Oxford English Grammar Course.

2 Composing and structuring written texts (S)

Essay Map: an easy tool to map out your essay from ReadWriteThink.

Use a mindmapping tool like MindMup to lay out the foundations of your text.

3 Adapting communication according to the audience (S)

Write a story together and vote for the submissions you like best: Boomwriter

Create a radio show on Spreaker with a particular audience in mind.

4 Search for, collect and process information (S)

Discover, collect and share webcontent in a visually attractive manner Pearltrees.

Read, annotate, collect & tag useful info from the web with a social bookmarking tool like Diigo.

5 Express oral and written arguments in a convincing way (S)

Hold a discussion around a thought provoking video with Vialogues.

Type or record a comment in reaction to a previously recorded statement on audioBoom.

6 Critical reading (S)

Read a book or article with Subtext, answer the questions and engage in the discussions.

Create a class blog in WordPress or Blogger and encourage critical & constructive feedback.

7 Distinguish and use different kinds of text (S)

Use Scoop.it to collect webcontent on a certain topic and then zoom in on the different kinds of text.

Create a magazine with informative, descriptive, instructive and persuasive texts with Issuu.

8 an appreciation of aesthetic qualities and a willingness to strive for them (A)

Write a poem with helpful tools but without distraction: Tranquillity poet.

Present your story in an engaging way with Haiku Deck.