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Reverse design

Show a picture of a technical system (f.i. microwave, thermometer, mobile phone…). Students has to define the criteria which the designer has determined for his technical system. Following questions can help to define the criteria for a corkscrew: How does the corkscrew look? Describe What are the user characteristics? Which are the criteria that the  Full Article…


Bridges For Animals – Belgium

Here is a complete lesson plan for a construction/CDT bridge building activity from Belgium… Capture the pupils attention at the start of the activity. Possibilities are A provoking question Storytelling Interesting facts Case studies “Our Lord Mayor wants to build a bridge for animals in our town. He organizes a contest and asks our school  Full Article…


Happy Homework

Age 8+ Ease ***** Overview Wallwisher is a great way to collect ideas and contributions from learners. It can be used for gazillions of purposes e.g. collecting feedback on lessons, teaching MFL, making predictions and posting general learner ideas and contributions. We used it as a quick, easy and fun homework task – hence the  Full Article…