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Augmented reality colouring books.

Wow! – is all I can say. I thought this would be a great activity for 4 olds but this 64 year old has spent the morning colouring in pictures. ColAR Mix is an augmented reality app that turns paper drawings into animated 3D objects. Available for Android and iOS tablets. Basically you choose a  Full Article…


Melody Morph

Eric Rosenbaum, creator of Singing Fingers, is working on a new app called Melody Morph – iPad app for constructing melodies and making improvised music. He says.. “MelodyMorph …. removes a constraint of traditional musical instruments: a fixed mapping between space and pitch. What if you blew up the piano so you could put the keys  Full Article…


Singing Fingers – lets you finger paint with sound!

Another fun-classic from Eric Rosenbaum and Jay Silver.  Have been driving my family nuts over the weekend painting music with Singing Fingers (well, I think it sounds musical!).  This could be the answer to teaching reluctant primary pupils the basics of composition.  And if it doesn’t – who cares?? It’s a fabulous exploration of synthesis  Full Article…