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Going on Safari

We love this idea from Dawn Hallywell, the ICT co-ordinator at Oakdale Junior School, who says.. “We have been using the fantastic Wild Earth African Safari for a couple of weeks in Year 6.  I have had this game at home for a while and both my children love it. Other teachers who have used it  Full Article…


Essay Map

Another gem from Dan Roberts who says “I’ve only just started using Essay Map in the classroom and already I love it. Many of the students I teach find it difficult to write and structure an essay; actually even I do. Essay Map is a brilliant tool which works as an interactive graphic organiser that walks you through  Full Article…


Telling, Retelling and Recreating

Age: 8 – 12 yrs Overview The PhotoStory is a free software from Microsoft that allows you to make videos from a collection of images, to which you can add sound (narration, music) and motion (effects and transitions). It is an excellent tool for working with young children for being very easy to use. The  Full Article…


Put your writer hat on!

Age: 9 -12 yrs Overview The Google Docs/Drive, a sharing and collective writing space is a great tool to promote writing skills. The collaborative construction of text allows reflection on the writing process, because it happens in interaction with peers and with the teacher. The ease of building and reformulating the text also helps the  Full Article…