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Reporting on practical work through vodcasting

Age: 12-15 years In this lesson, centered in any practical activity implemented in the classroom, students must present their report through a vodcast. (Vodcast = podcast with video) 1. Gain Attention This time, after doing your practical work, you will try a different way of presenting the process and discussing the results: vodcasting. To complete  Full Article…


Audio Actors.

14+yrs Ease *** Overview: As part of this unit, learners begin to understand the key features of performing on the radio and to experience the roles of researcher, technician, actor, writer, producer, director and SFX manager.   Description: Give learners the opportunity to listen to a professionally produced radio dramatization, we used The Archers  Full Article…


Podomatic Podcasting

Jeanette has been using Podomatic to make podcasts… An extremely simple site to use which guides you through a step-by-step process to create your podcast, as well as providing a separate ‘minicast’ option to create smaller pieces. Here are some possibilities: An interesting way to get students to revise – give groups a topic which they  Full Article…


Science Songs

A classroom favourite is getting your students to write a song, poem or mnemonic to help them to remember a sequence. This could be the colours of the rainbow (Richard Of York Gave Battle In Vain), or the planets of the solar system My Very Easy Method Just Speeds Up Naming Planets Or the electromagnetic  Full Article…


Reading Recitals

Age: 6+yrs     Ease ***** Overview Making audio recordings has never been easier thanks to a raft of free and easy to use downloadable software. We use Audacity® when asking pupils to record themselves reading individually or in a group. We use the audio recording for assessment purposes (peer, self and teacher assessment) and reporting  Full Article…