32 interesting ways to use Padlet (Wallwisher) in your classroom

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Jenny Hughes
Jenny Hughes

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6 Comments on “32 interesting ways to use Padlet (Wallwisher) in your classroom”

  1. Lachie says:

    Thanks so much! I’m taking a Ipad class this year and there are some amazing ideas on here!

  2. Mertens Felix says:

    Nice examples. I had the opportunity to test it as a substitute for a survey. I must say that this great tool offers complete new perspectives on feedback and evaluation methods.

  3. I am just exploring padlet..and I love it! Great examples!

    1. Jenny Hughes Jenny Hughes says:

      thanks! – send us some examples of your pupils using it – we’d love to see them. Mail me at jenhughes [at] mac [dot] com

  4. Thanks for this great post! I always refer to this article where someone asks about ideas on how to us padlet inside the classroom.

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