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Have just spent half of Easter weekend making these amazing little spiders with eyes that blink!  The idea came from Ken Murphy and I have adapted a few bits – check out his website for more maker projects. This is the finished product: What is a Blinkybug? Blinkybugs are simple little electro-mechanical insects that respond to  Full Article…



Woohoo! Have spent the last few days being miserable with flu so to cheer myself up have been making toothbrush robots and racing them with my grandchildren. Bought the components ages ago but it took till today to actually get them out of the box… You will need: Some old toothbrushes (personally I have found  Full Article…


Digital Bytes

I have been a fan of Common Sense Media for some time and I’m really impressed with their new initiative called Digital Bytes. In their own words: “Digital Bytes teaches teens digital citizenship through student-directed, media-rich activities that tackle real-world dilemmas. Teens learn from the experiences of their peers then create collaborative projects that voice  Full Article…


How old is a tree?

Not really e-learning but thought I’d share this anyway – a great idea for really understanding how old trees are as well as getting some sense of history.  You could hype it up a bit by getting the birds in the tree tweeting to each other about what they could see at any point in  Full Article…


All Stars!

Overview Now that students have had a taster of a variety of performing arts, they are given the opportunity to establish their own extra-curricular clubs. These clubs will collectively form the basis of your school’s All Stars Stage School. Description Ask them to form groups according to whichever activity they preferred e.g. acting, dancing, singing  Full Article…