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Fraction Families

Age:  7+yrs Ease **** Overview As you’ll see, this software is very adaptable. We strongly suggest you view the audio/visual demo outlining all the functions: This same activity can be used with different year groups so long as you choose the age-appropriate ‘family’ of fractions for your wall i.e. 2, 3 or 5. For  Full Article…


Wii bowling number chains

Use Wii Sports Bowling with younger children to practice number bonds to 10. Write down the number of pins knocked down and those left standing to create a number sentence (7+3 = 10 etc) Some children could be extended by writing down a three part sum with the second ball. Can also use with older children by  Full Article…


Line and path maths in primary

Quentin D’Souza on says “Use the Line and Path measurement tools to find distances that are challenging to measure.” I have used this in maths with an extra bit.  Find a regular shaped feature on a map – say a football pitch – and ask children to measure it using the line and path function.  Full Article…



Rather than just collecting images from the web – go on a maths walk with a digital camera and take pictures of tesselated shapes – you could combine this with a project about the local town or neighbourhood and look for brickwork patterns, tiling, paving slabs, cobblestones etc. When you get back, print them off  Full Article…


Space and size

Check out this amazing presentation for demonstrating orders of magnitude or talking about the size of the universe! It was created by Cary and Michael Huang who have generously agreed that Taccle teachers can use it AND translate it into their own language. If anyone is interested in doing this let me know and I’ll  Full Article…