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Motivated by Music

Overview In this activity the students create a second digital artefact inspired by their favourite music. They will also react on line to the creations of other students. Description Create another assignment in PicMonkey (or the image editing application of your choice). In the prompt ask students to interpret their favourite song. Put the photo  Full Article…


Stomp – The Sequel!

Overview The final performance is done in front of a live audience and recorded for posterity and assessment purposes. Whilst this lesson isn’t essential to the overall unit, it is important if you have parents that were unable to be present at the ‘Flash’ performance. It also gives students the opportunity to experiment with audience  Full Article…


Our Stomping Ground

Overview In this activity students will create their own Stomp-style performance (entitled Our Stomping Ground) inspired by what they’ve learnt about music and sound in their own locality. The unit will end with a live performance of their work to parents via Flash Meeting It is important to note that stomping is most effective  Full Article…


Stomp City

Overview This lesson introduces students to easily accessible and informal styles of music composition and performance. Stomp is a percussion group that uses the body and ordinary objects to create a physical theatre performance. Their appeal lies in their primitive yet highly effective musical performances that do not require students to be able to read  Full Article…


Sketching Songs

Overview In this lesson students begin to understand the functions of lyrics in a song. As they analyse and discuss the lyrics of the chosen song, they will begin to develop an understanding of how words are chosen to elicit a particular emotional response from the listener. Description You can select any song you like,  Full Article…


Sound Walk

Overview In this activity, students will use their locality to develop their understanding of musical components. This activity assumes that students will have some knowledge and understanding of basic musical elements: timber/tone, pitch, structure, dynamics, duration, tempo, texture and silence. During the activity, they will investigate these further so that they can use them effectively  Full Article…