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The Performance

Overview When performance day arrives, don’t let it pass without being captured for posterity! The whole team will have worked for weeks (or even months!) and it is great for them to have a memento of the occasion. If you are performing several times, it’s good to ensure ‘the buzz’ is maintained by having students  Full Article…


Spreading the Word

Overview Digital media is fast becoming THE way for people (especially younger people) to communicate. Using digital media to communicate is a wonderful way to get in touch with people because it is quick, easily accessible and, in most cases, free. It is also the best way for students to share what they’ve created –  Full Article…


Rockin’ Rehearsals

Overview Once you’ve managed to get the right students in the place at the right time, rehearsals can begin. Very often, students are asked to practice in their own time too, so this activity describes how digital media and Web 2.0 can be used to enhance and enrich the rehearsal process from beginning to end.  Full Article…


Greasing the Skids

Overview A performance by the theatre or music group is often a highlight in the school calendar. But for those responsible for organising and co-ordinating such an event it is a huge undertaking. Cancelled rehearsals due to no-shows, finding rehearsal rooms and informing the cast of changing dates, times and locations for practices are the  Full Article…



PROJECT Curricular Areas: Rehearsing and Performing. Learning Opportunities & Skills: This unit shows how e-learning platforms can be used to make the whole process of preparing a concert or theatrical performance much easier. Students also begin to learn about the practical and every-day use that can be made of applications previously thought of as places to  Full Article…