Animal Alphabet


In this activity students learn how to create digital images and pictures using words. Unlike regular word cloud software, the image isn’t created by the software… they must plan and draw it themselves. Students will learn to focus on typographic composition and make appropriate changes to their work as it develops.


Using the illustration software (Inkscape, Adobe Illustartor or other) ask them to draw the outlines of different animals. Ask them to decide which ones are most easily recognisable… they quickly learn that giraffes work better than sheep!

On paper, ask them to list words describing the animal or words linked with the chosen animal in some way.

They should now use their word lists to create the animal they are describing. By adding text then rotating and resizing it, they should ‘mould’ the words until they are happy that the image is a fair representation of their chosen animal. Encourage them to experiment with different fonts and colour(s) too.

Time needed 3 hours.


  • Adobe Illustrator.

Hints and tips

–> Typography

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