Help deliver food to a war torn country

Delivering humanitarian aid and supplying food to countries in crisis from war, drought, floods or famine is a complex set of logistical and political issues. The World Food Programme – who are the experts in this field –  have developed an interactive game called Food Force which gives you an insight into some these problems and the chance to find out how good you are at solving them.

Set on a fictitious island called Sheylan riven by drought and war, Food Force gives you the opportunity to complete six virtual missions that reflect real-life obstacles faced by WFP in its emergency responses to hunger crises around the world.

With tens of thousands of Sheylan’s residents displaced and in urgent need of food aid, players are required to pilot helicopters on reconnaissance missions, airdrop high energy biscuits to internally displaced person (IDP) camps, negotiate with armed rebels on a food convoy run and use food aid to help rebuild villages.

You can download the game here:


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