10 ways to use QR codes

I recommend using qrstuff.com to generate codes as you don’t need to sign up for it and it can  create codes for lots of different things like starting a Skype call or logging you into the Wifi.  You can also have any colour code you like!

Here’s a list of ideas to get you started;

  • record students explaining their artwork and use a QR code next to the picture to link to the audio file.
  • place QR codes inside novels linking to an excerpt from the film adaptation.
  • use QR codes in geography text books to link up to local maps showing a particular land formation.
  • put a different QR code on your classroom door each week linking to a fun activity relevant to your current theme.
  • make a QR code thought for the day.
  • use a QR code to link to the instructions for a practical activity or a video of the demonstration.
  • encourage students to use QR codes in reports instead of writing out long URLs.
  • http://qrpedia.org/ creates QR codes for wikipedia articles, you could use as a lesson starter or to introduce a new topic.
  • make cards with questions on one side and a QR coded answer on the other.
  • use bit.ly to shorten your links before making QR codes, that way you can count how many “hits” your code gets and your code will look less messy.


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