Positives, negatives and equivalences

  • (Our 8 year old tester coped well with this and enjoyed the ‘puzzle’)
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Make sure than children understand basic “If this then this” type statements. Talk about cause and effect. Play around with the positives and negatives and with ‘opposites’.  

For those people teaching literacy, this is a good time to explore ‘double negatives’. If you are a mathematician, mark this one up as a good time to talk about why a ‘negative times a negative is a positive’ etc

equivalence 3Write sentences on cards such as

“If it is fine, we will go to the park”.

“If it is not fine we will not go to the park”.

“If it is raining we will not go to the park”

“If it is not raining, we will go to the park”

You could even give them the symbol :<=> to represent  the pictures or sentences that are logically equivalent if you want to.

find the bugAdd

“If it is fine, we will not go to the park”.

Can they find the odd one out?

Why is it different?  Are the other sentences all saying the same thing?  We used a ‘bug’ to mark the one which means something different!


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