Picture description in English lessons with iPads

During the last weeks we had the chance to use iPads in our lessons. In the English lessons I had an easy and successful start with the use of the App “Keynote”, the integrated camera and the big picture books of our daughter (Wimmelbücher). These books are made of painted pictures with witty scenes from the zoo, the woods, the park etc.

The pupils had to look for an especially interesting scene and describe where it is situated within the picture, using phrases like “in the foreground-in the background-in the middle” and making use of the “present progressive” tense to describe what is going on.

Some other pupils were developing a quiz asking for special scenes, people or amounts of things.

The professional presentation and the funny pictures were very motivating and we were all amazed by the outcome.

I´m teaching a low level English in class 7 with disabled learners and slow learners.

This post is also available in: Dutch, German

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