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Quizlet is a free website where you can create your own quizzes to help with revision. You can either create your own resources from scratch, or you can browse the resources, already created and ordered by topic, and let other people do the hard work for you.

To give you an idea of how Quizlet works, here’s an example a former student of mine createdhttp://quizlet.com/1804783/keywords-flash-cards/. The student made his own flashcards in Quizlet which really helped with revision.

How to use Quizlet

1. Get students to create their own Quizlets during revision periods. If this is coordinated within one class then a whole class can produce Quizlets for every topic before an end of year test.

2. Teachers can create their own Quizlet as a resource for the start or end of a topic. This can be shared with a class and completed during the lesson or the links shared for homework via the school’s VLE.

3. Get students to work on improving their literacy by creating keyword glossaries for each new unit of work they complete. Or the teacher can show the keywords for a new unit and get students to test their knowledge of the keywords at the end of a lesson.

If you have a go at using this site then please leave a comment telling us a little bit more about how you used it and what the impact on learning was in your classroom.


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