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189718-tag-galaxyVisual representations of data are nothing new, but Tag Galaxy takes it to new heights in searching Flickr photos. Enter a single keyword (I used “frog”) and you’ll see a 3D representation of a solar system with the keyword as the sun, orbited by related word “planets” (e.g., “amphibian,” “green,” and “toad”). Click a planet to combine keywords, or just click the sun (your main keyword) to get a unique photo-sphere covered with up to 236 images pulled from Flickr. Spin it in any direction with the mouse, clicking shots for close-ups. It takes a while to surf them all this way, but makes for a more interesting and richer search and gives pupils experience of different search engines.

Really good for slower learners, just for image searching. They love the way the tagging cuts down on the need to type and spell things correctly.

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  1. nic daniels
    nic daniels March 15, 2013 at 21:01 #

    Just checked it out. It’s so engaging! I was mesmerised! I think kids as young as 6 could use this even though they may not be able to read all the tags. Great for word recognition too – frog, leaf, green, water etc.

    Love it.

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