Make your own nature colouring book

Let children use digital cameras to take some pictures of snails, beetles, butterflies or choose a picture e.g a butterfly on Google images. Turn it in to a colouring sheet using iphoto or picassa. (move the exposure, contrast and sharpness to max. Move saturation to minimum.)

If necessary, take the image you have produced and repeat the same steps again until you have got rid of most of the gray tones.

Print off the black and white ones in different sizes. Let children copy the colours from the original (if they are learning about colours) or colour however they want. Cut them out and stick on a wall display or stick on bamboo canes and ‘plant’ them in the garden. Kids really like making their own pictures to colour and it’s the first stage in learning about manipulating images.

Even 6 year olds can do this – honest!!

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