Calculate the length of a cord: Teaching Pythogoras Theorum

Age :14-15

There is a big party in our town. Our school has to decorate the town. We want to hang up bunting (using designs by our students) from the floor to the top of the tower. We already know the distance from the floor to the base of the tower (20 meters) and the height of the tower (15 meters).

We have received the instructions from our school director.

  • Calculate the length of the cord in m.
  • You first have to present your ideas with ICT f.i. Creaza (animating cartoon or video) to the school director before you  can start to make your decoration. Convince the director that your calculation of the length is correct. Before he can buy the materials he wants to be sure of the measures.
  • You have to work in a group of four students.

In this activity you will

  • to calculate the length of the hypotenuse using the Pythagorean theorem.
  • learn how to use digital simulation software to find out this principle.
  • learn to make an animating cartoon or video to present ideas.

What do you know yet about the Pythagorean theorem?

What is the necessary length of the cord ? Can you calculate the length?

What do you  know yet about Creaza?

Write in your digital logbook.

  • How was this brainstorming? Are you satisfied with the results?
  • What do you have to explore before you can resolve this problem?

Students can look up some information.

Try the presentation in your group. Make changes if necessary.

Do the presentation for the whole classgroup on the demand of your teacher.

If the teacher agrees you can do the presentation for the school director.

Write in your digital logbook.

  • Which application did you use to present? Why?
  • Notice the feedback of the group/teacher/director. Do you agree with the feedback.
  • How can you change your plans after this feedback?

You have the feedback on the presentation of your cord and its calculation. Now you can start to design and make your cord.

Write in your digital logbook.

  • How were the other members of your group to work with?

Show your cord to the teacher/director.

Write in your digital logbook.

  • What was the reaction of the teacher/director.
  • Does your cord measure up to the calculated length?

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