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Teacher Dan Roberts shares another practical ICT idea to use in the classroom.

Photopeach allows you to create your own fabulous photo slideshows. You can upload your own photos to the site, add text, then select your own backing track and add a few funky transitions.

I showed Photopeach to my class and set them a task to create their own slideshow as a creative piece of homework. To give you an idea of what they produced, here’s a link a slideshow created by a former student of mine (the screenshot below is also from the same slideshow).


There are two added little extras that make this site quite brilliant! The first is that you can add a quiz section to test students’ knowledge. The second is that at the end of the slideshow the viewer then has the option of leaving a comment that then stays on the video itself.

How to use Photopeach in the classroom

1. Get your students to take mages of their own work, they could then upload them to Photopeach and share them with other students. These students could then peer assess their work by leaving comments at the end of the slideshows.

2. Ask your class to create an interactive slideshow quiz about a topic they’re studying,. They can then share these quizzes with other students by embedding them on their Facebook pages.

3. Get students to create their own slideshows at the end of a topic so they can present what they’ve learnt to the rest of the class.

If you have a go at using this site then please leave a comment telling us a little bit more about how you used it and what the impact on learning was in your classroom.


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