With an Infographic, data can be visually represented in an attractive way. An Infographic tells more about the data than lots of numbers would do. Just one look at the infographic should be sufficient to have an impression of what the data means and what’s going on actually. That’s why infographics are gaining in popularity all over the web. They are frequently used by marketeers but are very useful for education. Infographics are WEB2 based and easy to use. Students can use them to visualize data they gathered in a way that makes it easier to understand. Infographics are able to express all kind of topics. Even the most complex topic can be explained easily with an infographic.

When starting to create a new infographic you have to make sure that all compelling information is included and that redundancy is excluded. Finally the illustrations of the infographic have to make the topic clear and understandable.

Several tools are online available to create infographics, even for free. Some of these tools even don’t require to sign up.

The tools I personally tried are free:

  1. Easelly: Just by opening the website you will several samples of infographics.Easelly doesn’t require an account. By clicking Start fresh you will create a new infographic.
    Various themes, clipart, backgrounds, shapes and text can be used.
  2. Infogram: With infogram an infographic can quickly be created. Here you have to register. Once you created an account you can start making your infographic. Several options like width, themes and style (color) are offered.

However there are more tools available on the web to create infographics, and offered me nice possibilities and were extremely easy to use.

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  1. Gabriela Grosseck May 11, 2014 at 19:14 #

    Recently I found some awesome infographics that can be used in STEM lessons. Here is the link:

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