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Virtual field trips revisited

I really like the Virtual field trips lesson, but I would recommend using the Google World Wonders Project as a starting point. With the Street View technology the Cultural Institute made a lot of Unesco heritage sites accessible, both from modern and ancient times. Of course your students can have a good look around, but  Full Article…


Virtual field trips

Google Street View is great for snooping around places you’ve never been to but did you know that you can sail down the Amazon, explore the Great Barrier Reef, look inside the Iwame Silver Mine, see Scott’s hut in Antarctica or wander around Stone Henge?   Other exciting images are this shipwreck off the coast of  Full Article…


The Human Race

Age: 12+ yrs Overview: By investigating the most current scientific material regarding human evolution, learners are asked to use their researching, predictive and reporting skills to create a simple web-based thesis on the ‘likely’ future stages of human evolution.  Description: The teacher must decide how much initial information to provide, but it’s probably a good  Full Article…


Podomatic Podcasting

Jeanette has been using Podomatic to make podcasts… An extremely simple site to use which guides you through a step-by-step process to create your podcast, as well as providing a separate ‘minicast’ option to create smaller pieces. Here are some possibilities: An interesting way to get students to revise – give groups a topic which they  Full Article…


Twitter role play

Take an historical context – we used the children who were evacuated from big cities in the UK at the be inning of World War 2 because last year was the International Year of the Evacuees. Tell them who evacuees were and why etc. Look at children’s names that were popular at that time. Kids  Full Article…