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Fuzzy Feelings

Age: 5+yrs Ease **** Overview This activity is fun and can be used as a little assignment at different times throughout the year. It helps pupils to feel more part of the class and develops their awareness of others’ feelings. If you’re familiar with the activity “The Little Note” this works like a modern equivalent.  Full Article…



8+yrs Ease *** Overview: This is a twist on the traditional subject project; it is suitable for creating projects on almost any subject e.g. animals, history or Geography or any specific area within these broader subjects e.g. horses, The Romans or India. In this example, learners were investigating beetles. Description: The learners or the teacher  Full Article…


Children of One World

9+yrs Ease *** Overview: This project facilitates learning about the lives in other countries and is especially effective for comparing and contrasting schools in very different countries or localities. To see an example : Description: Firstly, ask learners what they would like to know about a child’s life in another country e.g. “How do  Full Article…



Make a time line with pictures of dinosaurs using Prezi. With younger children you can construct the template and select the background so that children can ‘drop in’ pictures of dinosaurs they have collected. Older children can do it themselves. Or children can draw the dinosaurs, photograph them and save as jpeg images that you  Full Article…