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Awesome Advert

10+yrs Ease *** Overview: This websites motto is “Making awesome easier”! Learners create a 30 second advert on any topic they like. Here, we’ve outlined an activity where learners make a promo video of their school. We wanted to call this lesson Pimp My School… but we weren’t allowed. Description: Begin by showing learners videos created  Full Article…


Jigsaw planet

Use Jigsaw Planet to create fun on-line jigsaws which can be used across the age range as you can increase the number and complexity of pieces.   And for those of you who are still wondering…..   Nic and I have been doing each other’s jigsaws for the last half hour – if you want to  Full Article…


My Google Earth Life

Get children to create a virtual autobiography. They make placemarks at any location of significance then edit the placemarks to add stories, photos, videos, or URLs This can be where they were born (maybe they can take a digital photo of their birth certificate) the house(s) they have lived in,  playgroups or schools they attended, where  Full Article…


Today’s reporter

Another idea from Belgium…Carine says it gives children a chance to reflect on the things that happened during a day and provides an opportunity for individuals to share their personal perspective on the different activities they have engaged in. It also helps children learn about how their day is structured. She adds “And it’s always great to  Full Article…


Online storybook

More good stuff from Carine… Create a story together with the children. You can help them by giving them a main character and helping them with questions such as: “What did he do then, what happens next?” Meanwhile the teacher makes notes. Afterwards the teacher repeats the story and asks after each part who can make  Full Article…