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Wordle for Christmas

Just been reading the comment from Meinir Morris on using Wordles to make Christmas cards. She says: “Defnyddiais ‘Wordle’ fel modd i gasglu a chyflwyno ansoddeiriau i ddisgrifio noson tan gwyllt – roedd y plant wrth eu boddau yn gweld ei gwaith ar y sgrin ac yn hoffi’r ffaith bod ei gwaith yn edrych mor  Full Article…


Science Songs

A classroom favourite is getting your students to write a song, poem or mnemonic to help them to remember a sequence. This could be the colours of the rainbow (Richard Of York Gave Battle In Vain), or the planets of the solar system My Very Easy Method Just Speeds Up Naming Planets Or the electromagnetic  Full Article…


The Music Maker

Age: 9+yrs Ease *** Overview Traditionally, teaching learners who do not play an instrument and cannot read music has been quite difficult (not to mention stressful!), especially when they are younger. Jamstudio software enables learners to compose without having to write a musical score, they compose by ear, or aurally, making decisions based on the  Full Article…


Mini Musicians

Age: 7-10yrs Ease ***** Overview In this activity students will build their own musical instruments from waste materials and transmit their knowledge and understanding through sharing video tutorials and their own blog on the Internet. Description In this activity learners are encouraged to work both artistically and technologically by firstly creating musical instruments using waste  Full Article…


Online storybook

More good stuff from Carine… Create a story together with the children. You can help them by giving them a main character and helping them with questions such as: “What did he do then, what happens next?” Meanwhile the teacher makes notes. Afterwards the teacher repeats the story and asks after each part who can make  Full Article…