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Movies with Moovly

Moovly is another neat way of making fun animations, presentations and posters. Record what you want to say then use the ready made clip arts to illustrate. You can upload your own pictures too. Use it to record explanations of theories or concepts in physics, to describe chemical processes or to tell some science history  Full Article…


I Love Literature

In this activity, learners use creative online applications to exhibit their understanding of a text they’ve been studying. We’ve used the software below to help learners understand a range of texts from Shakespeare to Jane Austen to Philip Pullman and many others. Why not… Ask learners to brainstorm on all the words that come  Full Article…


Meet your Avatar!

In this activity, learners develop their communication skills by introducing themselves to others and by role-playing peers, historical figures or famous people. Why not…  Ask learners to use to create an imaginary avatar. The Activity Allow learners time to experiment with Discuss the tool’s strengths e.g. huge variety of choice, and its weaknesses  Full Article…


Presentation sharing software

LEARNING OBJECTIVES At the end of this chapter you will be able to: Say what presentation sharing software is for Use presentation sharing sites to find presentations you could use or adapt Upload a presentation of your own to a presentation sharing site WHAT IS PRESENTATION SHARING? The availability of Software such as PowerPoint has  Full Article…