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Small scale construction

Lesson ideas for Technology from Italy… Students use CAD or similar to design a simple building Students work in groups of  4/5 people with LEGO blocks to make small scale models of simple buildings. The geometric shapes are analysed and designed. Then the students study the proportions in relation to real sizes. The students then  Full Article…


House of Cards

Overview Learners will have already begun to investigate how humans rely on other organisms for survival. Here, they will begin to apply this knowledge and understanding to life in other countries with different levels of economic development. Description As quick warm up, invite one learner to come to the front of the class to build  Full Article…



Glogster is a perfect tool for pupils to present or communicate information. You can use it for creating posters, fact files, project boards or ‘how to…’ instructions. It also serves as a good entry level activity to blogging.  You can put text, images, audio and video files on your Glog and add hyperlinks as well  Full Article…


Wordle Ways (for teaching literature)

Wordles are particularly suited to short activities such as warm-ups or as prerunners/introductions to larger discussions and tasks. They are also an eyecatching way of presenting familiar terms for revision/introduction. Here are some possibilities:     Why not start a class with some wordles made from different Shakespeare tragedies and see if they can guess  Full Article…



8+yrs Ease *** Overview: This is a twist on the traditional subject project; it is suitable for creating projects on almost any subject e.g. animals, history or Geography or any specific area within these broader subjects e.g. horses, The Romans or India. In this example, learners were investigating beetles. Description: The learners or the teacher  Full Article…