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Positives, negatives and equivalences

(Our 8 year old tester coped well with this and enjoyed the ‘puzzle’) Make sure than children understand basic “If this then this” type statements. Talk about cause and effect. Play around with the positives and negatives and with ‘opposites’.   For those people teaching literacy, this is a good time to explore ‘double negatives’.  Full Article…


Augmented reality colouring books.

Wow! – is all I can say. I thought this would be a great activity for 4 olds but this 64 year old has spent the morning colouring in pictures. ColAR Mix is an augmented reality app that turns paper drawings into animated 3D objects. Available for Android and iOS tablets. Basically you choose a  Full Article…


Programming children (if only!)

Michael Gove, the UK’s Education Minister (a bit of a misnomer because he has no jurisdiction outside England!) has recently made the headlines because he has announced that all children will now learn computer programming in school. The brief consultation process showed that teachers were split down the middle on this issue with both sides  Full Article…