A lesson plan from Germany where students use web2.0 tools to debate the uses of Nanotechnology.

The pupils should decide in groups on the funding of five projects which cover different areas of research. Only three projects can get the funding.

How to do it:

  • students are confronted with the complex topic
  • They are devided into groups and each student concentrates on one area of research

1. Gathering information:

2. Communication

  • students share their sources via social media, they could also comment on the validity of the source or say if they agree with what is said.
    • twitter, blog,  etc.
  • Discussion in the group
    • each member presents their arguments
      • online: e.g. in a forum, chat, Skype, Voxopop, VoiceThread etc.
      • offline in the classroom
    • group decides on 3 projects to finance
      • They might like to use a poll with Doodle after the presentation and one after the discussion to show possible differences in the outcome, some schools may have a voting button system for use with the interactive white board.
    • groups prepare a presentation with their arguments for why they chose the three projects
      • using Prezi, PowerPoint, SlideShow, VoiceThread etc.
  • Discussion in the class
    • each group presents their results to the class and also on the web explaining which project they want to finance
    • class compares decisions and arguments and can continue the discussion online.

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  1. angelarees
    angelarees October 23, 2012 at 10:53 #

    You could also use dvolver to illustrate the discussion process and have the characters discuss the pros and cons for each project.

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