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SimSound Game

A colleague of mine used the SimSound game ( as an assignment spread out over one month. SimSound is an engaging multimedia game for 11-16 year olds that aims to use the context of music recording to introduce a range of concepts about waves. There are four Sim sound challenges: Fix the guitar riff –  Full Article…


Tin-foil hats

Here’s an interesting piece of research you may wish to share with your class On the Effectiveness of Aluminium Foil Helmets: An Empirical Study There’s an accompanying website here too! This work was done back in 2005 so after reading the information on the website and the published research you could challenge your class to  Full Article…


What is it?

Describe a material in 140 characters on a microblogging site such as Twitter and see if others can guess what the material is without mentioning the word or Chemical symbol. Could do it in groups and see who get the most right.  With younger primary children this could mean giving them some materials such as  Full Article…