Ideas for using this in the classroom….

  • Ask pupils to rewrite a story they are studying for a much younger age  group, using rewordify to help.
  • Use rewordify in English Language lessons.
  • Let the slower readers use rewordify to save them having to use a dictionary
  • Have a competition between groups to simplify a piece of text you give them and check their answers on rewordify
  • Put a piece of text on the whiteboard and choose the rewordify settings that highlights the difficult words.  Ask the class to guess what the rewordify synonym might be.  Discuss reasons why the ‘harder’ word is used. What is ‘missing’ from the easier rewordify word?
  • Try putting in text from a) the bible  b) a scene from Shakespeare c) a scientific paper d) some poetry.  How does rewordify handle these texts and what is ‘lost’ in the translation?
  • Use on-line versions of newspapers and cut and paste the same story from different newspapers (e.g The Telegraph, The Mirror) into rewordify. What can you find out about the newspapers and their readers?
  • Explore the idea of readability and use some scales to measure it (e.g Flesch index).  Compare the readability of an original text and a ‘Re-wordified’ text using the scale you have chosen.

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  1. Neil M. Goldman September 8, 2013 at 23:47 #

    Thanks so much for these great ideas for using!

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