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In this activity, students organise an exposition to present the museums of the world. By focussing in detail on one museum and searching the Internet for complementary information, they will create and exposition to teach others about art. They will also learn to create QR codes and use them to give the expo an interactive element.


For this activity, students may choose any museum they like but it really is best that each group chooses a different museum. Explain that every corner of the classroom will be transformed into a mini, interactive version of one famous museum.

First of all, every group must choose a museum on which to be an expert curator. Every group will need to collect information from multiple sources (including information gathered by other groups during previous activities) relating to a specific museum of their choice. This information will form the basis of their exposition. Ask student to select works according to a theme. As in previous lessons, this could be based on country of origin, artist, genre, artistic technique – anything really! When they have selected works appropriate to their exposition, they should thoroughly research each selected work and begin assembling their themed exhibition. Older students in particular should be encouraged to gather information from multiple sources and to systematically gather and store this information in a central, on line, location e.g. Google Drive. This saves them from time consuming note taking and means they can leave much of the refining for the latter stages.

They will have to create a QR code for each artwork with some selected information about the context, specific features, style, drawing technique etc. Most of the information will have been collected already and therefore readily available to them – especially if they have used a repository such as Google Drive. Their final exposition should contain visual displays, a short presentation and QR codes linked to further relevant information. Each group should present their exposition to the class.

Time needed Four hours… if all goes well!


Hints and tips

  • This activity is best done over several lessons.

  • Invite other students and the students’ families to visit the expositions!

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—> Around the World in 6 Museums

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