Environmental river project

Thanks to teacher Chris Smit for this one…
Use Google Earth for an environmental river project.
  1. Locate the source of a river and follow it to the mouth, entering a sea or lake
  2. Use the altitude information on Google to calculate the difference in altitude between the origin and the mouth
  3. Mark all geographical spots of interest (canyons, confluences, dams, weirs, cascades and waterfalls)
  4. Use the grid references (GPS co-ordinates) and the altitude information on GE to reference these points of interest on the map
  5. Zoom in along the banks and make notes of the various field types along the length of the river – do the various field types (e.g grassland, ploughed, forests etc) have an influence on the river or vice versa? (e.g siltation, river course changes, eutrification)
  6. Which towns or cities lie next or near to the river which they think have been influenced by the river or have an influence on the river? (e.g water extraction for domestic and industrial consumption, pollution)

After they have completed this primary research, they could research the river to see the real effects and compare this with their own notes and adjust if necessary.

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