Shakespeare on the map

Another idea from the “Interesting Ways to…” teachers

“Use Google Earth as an introduction to Shakespeare. Visit Stratford upon Avon and find the house that he was born in. Zoom over to the banks of the Thames, switch on the 3D building layer and load up the Globe Theatre model. Explore the inside structure of the theatre, with some handy navigation you will even be able to see model actors on the famous stage! Explore the Panoramio image layer to see geotagged images of the surrounding area.”

Then ask pupils to put a place mark on the map for every place mentioned in the play they are studying together with a note of the name of the play and the scene it was first mentioned. Add to the map with each successive play they study.

Does not have to be Shakespeare either! Try Robert Louis Stevenson’s “Travels with a Donkey” or in Wales, Mari Jones is a good topic. Or of you are studying folk tales from other countries, place mark those too. Makes a good wall display!

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