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Great post from David Mitchell – thanks to him and his year 6 pupils.  He says:

“Today I introduced pupils to QR codes and after 5 minutes they knew exactly what to do. We talked about what we could do with them and amongst other things we discussed how great it would be to link what was in their books to what was on their blog!

I sent a few pupils away to create a QR codes for particular blog posts and within 10 minutes they came back with this stuck in their books.


and this….


Just imagine…

A Non-Chronological report in their books, typed up onto their blog, received 20+ comments from around the world. This QR Code links to the comments online – A Literacy book suddenly becomes an interactive book of weaved magic!

Imagine completing instructions in Literacy by planning and writing a screen capture movie of how to create a blog post, add a comment or create a wall wisher [padlet], just scan the qr code and watch the video with the plan in front of you! Imagine the true picture you would be able to paint to a visiting inspector about the diet of learning being consumed by your pupils!

The possibilities are endless! In just 30 minutes, pupils had created multiple qr codes and had stuck them in their Literacy books next to the corresponding work.


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  1. Jenny Hughes
    jenhughes November 17, 2013 at 13:26 #

    Thanks very much to David Mitchell and well done pupils at Heathfield Primary school. The two pupils who wrote the blog posts linked to the pictures in this post left the school last year but I’m sure that the current year six are doing even more exciting things. If you would like to send me pictures or write a post of things you are doing with technology, I would be really interested and would love to share them on this site with other teachers. By the way, I am in Germany writing this comment!

  2. ESTHERLOPEZ November 22, 2013 at 16:58 #

    Dear colleagues,
    I am in Spain writing this comment!, I totally agree with you, the use of the QR code is very interesting and our students could create it easily and without any problem using web site like http://www.codigos-qr.com/generador-de-codigos-qr/ .

    In fact, my students used this web page two years ago when we took part in an exciting educational program on which we had to complete 6 common tasks such as create our own blog or generate a QR code of it and it was very useful.

    71 different schools took part in this experience and it was fantastic!. You could see the 6 tasks and the final results in this web http://www.educarm.es/portal/admin/webForm.php?web=102&ar=1114&mode=visualizaArea&aplicacion=PROGRAMAS_EDUCATIVOS

    This is our own blog http://miescuelalasclarasdelmarmenor.blogspot.com.es/

    Keep in touch!

  3. María Ángeles López García December 3, 2013 at 00:39 #

    Dear colleagues,
    I couldn’t agree with you more.
    The use of QR has a strong power. It encourages students to get involved in their own learning (student-center).
    Last year I attended a conference about TIC in Madrid. A teacher shared a wonderful experience that he did with his students. Their students had to read a book about the Spanish civil war as a part of the sylabus of the course. They made a QR proyect based in geo-location. They moved around the city displaying QR in the streets that the author of the book mentioned. The QR told what happened in these streets. They even went to the street where the author of the book lives cause he mentioned it in his book but the students didn’t know that. So the author of the book saw the QR and he contacted the students. At the end, the students met the author in person. More incredible experiences took place in this amazing activity. I tried to find the link to share it but I coudn’t find it.

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