QR Treasure Hunt

Here is a great idea from Carine from Belgium for introducing new pupils to the school.  It’s really easy – older pupils create an exciting treasure hunt for younger pupils using QR codes that contain clues.


  • Discuss “What is an app?” This is an opportunity for pupils and teachers to discuss the function and purpose of apps and how they can be helpful.
  • Investigate QR codes. Let the children search for QR codes in flyers or magazines. Then show them how you can find out their content.
  • Find out about the QR app. Create an example on the interactive whiteboard or in small groups using PC or tablet.
Explain to the pupils that before they create the codes, they must plan and test their treasure hunt. You should also remind them that the clues should be simple if they are for younger children. As part of the learning process, discuss with pupils why it will be more effective to choose prominent landmarks around the school grounds to locate the clues.
When they have written and tested their treasure hunt, they can create their codes! Different groups can create treasure hunts for groups in classes lower down the school. Also, groups in the same class can trial each others’ treasure hunts.
Lots of people contributed similar activities so Nic has welded them together and produced a full lesson plan

This post is also available in: Romanian, Welsh


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